High School Students

Did you know that many Chick-fil-A restaurant owners began their careers with Chick-fil-A as high school team members? As a high school student on our team, we will help you grow the skills you will need to have a brighter future.  By working on a team and interacting with the community, our high school students start to realize their unique gifts and talents and how they can use them to benefit others.

Perks of working at

Chick-fil-A while you are a high school student:

  • Schedule Flexibility

  • Learn Time Management Skills

  • Set and Achieve Goals

  • Scholarship Opportunities for Seniors

  • Develop Your People Skills

  • Positive Work Environment

  • Leadership Development

   "I am a high school student.  Working at Chick-fil-A has taught me to take constructive criticism and improve on my weaknesses.  It provides me a supportive atmosphere where I am always appreciated and loved.  I have acquired the ability to work in a team and the knowledge that each person must try their best individually for the team to succeed together.  To our future team members and coworkers: be prepared to start small, give yourself time to learn and work hard.  You will be helped every step of the way to accomplish all of your endeavors."  - Cassie