Hospitality Professional

 A hospitality professional is someone that enjoys utilizing their natural talents and gifts in an environment that serves the public and dials up a consistent dose of customer service. They are not your typical “fast food amateurs” that jump from job to job every three months, but they see the long-term benefit of committing to one organization that they feel is a great fit for their professional growth. They are loyal and work hard to develop the skills necessary to perform at a high level. They are excited to come to work each day, and they are generously compensated for what they bring to the team. We hope that everyone on our team has the mindset of a “hospitality professional,” but it is this group of committed team members that are the heart and soul of our business, bringing consistency and care that builds the culture we want to have. Do you long to have stable employment working in a positive environment surrounded by hard-working co-workers? If so, then YOU just might be the next great Hospitality Professional to join our team!

     "Working at Chick-fil-A provided me with a team of wonderful people who all had a goal in mind and a mindset of success. By integrating service with a smile, I was able to work collectively with my fellow team members to do all we could for our customers and represent the Chick-fil-A brand. I am now able to apply this to any task I have before me, and any job opportunity I might take on. I have not found another fast food organization that is so committed to serving their customers. It is one thing to provide food to be purchased, but when working at Chick-fil-A I see that the managers and team leaders do whatever they can to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their meal and their experience. Different events were created to promote the restaurant, but also to provide a service to the customers. It was one opportunity after another that truly defined the purpose of Chick-fil-A: love for people."

                              - Elizabeth